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If you are searching for an enjoyable and exhilarating night out in the beautiful city of Roanoke, Virginia, then Wolf’s Den Billiards is a destination that you can’t afford to miss. Being acknowledged as the leading billiard hall in the region, Wolf’s Den provides everything that you need for a delightful and unforgettable evening. Apart from a diverse range of pool tables to play on, they pride themselves in offering a full-service restaurant that presents scrumptious and mouth-watering dishes, a full bar that offers an extensive array of drinks to cater to your taste buds, and a complete pro shop to fulfill all your billiard preferences. Regardless of whether you are a professional player or just seeking to have a great time with friends, Wolf’s Den Billiards is the ultimate destination that you should mark to spend quality time in Roanoke!

We are a family owned billiards hall with a full service restaurant, full bar as well as a complete pro shop.

We have participated in local leagues and tournaments around the world. Our children started playing pool at a very young age and have been fortunate enough to have represent the United States in multiple junior tournaments.

As we traveled to different areas we discovered that Roanoke was in desperate need of a clean and safe environment for billiard enthusiast of all ages to come together. We searched for several months to find the perfect size building so that we could setup the tables with enough space and have the perfect viewing area for our local team tournaments as well as individual tournaments.

When we found the former CVS spot, we quickly decided it was exactly what we were looking for. With the help of several family members and great friends we were able to add a full kitchen and transform this location into the beautiful spacious billiards hall we are so proud of and so many have come to love!!